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Our CLASSIC MENU is the inspiration of our business. Convenient everyday meal options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, home-cooked from healthy whole ingredients. Made so our customers can stop feeling like they have to trade their health for their limited time; we shop, prep, cook, and deliver that you can heat, eat, feel good about, and avoid the drive-thru! Focused on food variety, larger portions of vegetables, whole grain carbohydrates, and healthy proteins, and designed with options for a variety of dietary preferences. Check out our menu and let us help you eat healthy and get back your time so you can get back to living your best life!


Our FIT MENU was designed with our Gym partners in mind and is great for anyone with dietary restrictions or goals. The Fit menu is designed for portion control so that small sizes will be approximately 1300 calories/day and regular sizes are 1800 calories/day.  We wanted to help cut out the counting and tracking. This convenient meal structure allows anyone working with calorie restrictions to just pick what you love or plan out a week, and save yourself the math and frustration! Also designed to accommodate a higher level of dietary restrictions, the Fit menu focuses on lower carbohydrate meals and is entirely gluten-free and Low FODMAP. Don’t have specific restrictions? Looking for a good digestive reset or to jump start a regime for better health? The Fit menu is great for you too! Skip the hours of internet research and let us do the work!

Classic Menu

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Fit Menu

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HHM has partnered with Faith Rayfield as our nutrition expert. Faith is a certified integrative nutrition coach from the largest nutrition school in the world and natural health practitioner.  She has a very wholesome approach to nutrition and her practice focuses on whole body sustainable positive health. 


She is also a Clinical Herbalist and a Master Teacher of Reiki and Yoga. We work closely together to create specific menu options. Keeping a philosophy of individual nutrition, and whole foods and variety being essential to health, she helped us create a classic menu and a matching fit menu, that is gluten-free, low FODMAP, carbohydrate conscious and set for specific calorie ranges to help anyone trying to lose a few pounds or jumpstart their positive health journey have a simple way to eat good food easily without digging through all the numbers and the overwhelming number of dietary theories out there today.

She offers individual and group nutritional coaching, clinical herbalist, and reiki services in her individual practice at EasyHappyHealthy.com