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At Healthy Human Meals we are all about making people’s lives easier. We know that juggling everything in life is tough. Eating healthy is a challenge and that’s where we come in. We shop, prep, cook, and deliver meals straight to you, to heat and eat with no hassle at home or on the go! Founded by a personal trainer passionate about fitness, nutrition and cooking, we are a pre-cooked healthy meal delivery service headquartered in Beaverton, serving the beautiful Portland Metro area.


Our Menus

We have two menus to help take the stress out of food choices. Our Classic menu features a wider variety of whole-food, healthy options, and our Fit menu, is designed to mirror much of our classic menu, but is fully designed to be gluten-free, low FODMAP, primarily low carbohydrate and portion controlled in 1800/day calorie and 1300/day calorie sizes to help you stop all the crazy counting and still hit your more specific nutrition goals. Whether you’re a fitness pro, or just trying to avoid take-out, we have options made for you!

Classic Menu

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The Classic Menu has every meal we offer. We use nothing but fresh, healthy, whole ingredients.

Fit Menu

Crossfit Studio

 Everything on The Fit Menu is Gluten-Free, low FODMAP, carbohydrate conscious and set for specific calorie ranges to help.


HHM has partnered with Faith Rayfield as our nutrition expert. Faith is a certified integrative nutrition coach from the largest nutrition school in the world and natural health practitioner.  She has a very wholesome approach to nutrition and her practice focuses on whole body sustainable positive health. 


She is also a Clinical Herbalist and a Master Teacher of Reiki and Yoga. We work closely together to create specific menu options. Keeping a philosophy of individual nutrition, and whole foods and variety being essential to health, she helped us create a classic menu and a matching fit menu, that is gluten-free, low FODMAP, carbohydrate conscious and set for specific calorie ranges to help anyone trying to lose a few pounds or jumpstart their positive health journey have a simple way to eat good food easily without digging through all the numbers and the overwhelming number of dietary theories out there today.

She offers individual and group nutritional coaching, clinical herbalist, and reiki services in her individual practice at EasyHappyHealthy.com


Want to start but don't know the best way? Sign up for a free consult and talk with Tyler, the owner of HHM to talk about goals and customize a plan that will help you accomplish your fitness or wellness goals.

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Michelle L.jpg

Michelle L.

I absolutely love that the meals get delivered to my house twice a week! It is way less expensive than GrubHub and so much healthier.

Sara P.jpg

Sara P.

I used to get tacos, pizza or a burger for lunch almost every single day. Now I just grab a Healthy Human Meal from the fridge and heat it up and its ready. I also didn't expect the food to taste so good!

Stephen M.jpg

Sergio C.

I lost over 10 pounds in my first month with HHM and haven't looked back. Love the delivery!

Mark C.jpg

Mark C.

I honestly hate cooking and even more I hate dishes. Now I hardly cook at all and this food is so much better than anything I can make.

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